Here you can find the fitting answers to (nearly) all of your questions!
About printmate
Who are we?

The printmate GmbH is a young company based in Berlin and is specialized on individualized shipping packaging already starting at 100 pieces. With the new technology of digital printing it's possible for printmate to provide for big enterprises e.g. Zalando as well as start-ups and also small companies getting their customized packaging easily.
As the first online printing house for packaging, printmate produces in high printing quality on waterbased ink by using the digital printing technology directly on corrugated cardboards – this is currently unique in Europe.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can contact us between Monday and Friday at +49 30 809327300 or send a mail to service@printmate.de

Where are you producing and are your boxes recyclable?

We attach a certain value to high quality products, so that is why we are producing in Germany. We are cooperating with our partners for many years.
Our shipping boxes are made of 90 % of recycling material and glue; the ink is waterbased – only unpacked shipping would be more eco-friendly! :-)

Is it possible to get one sample in my design?

Regarding to our minimum order quantity of 100 boxes, we are not able to produce a single individualized shipping box for you. To get a 3D preview of your own designed packaging, you can use the online-editor on our website.
You want to take a look on our printing quality? In that case you can simply order a sample box with the printmate layout.

Do you also offer special finishings or colors like gold or silver?

Starting at the quantity of 2.000 boxes we can realize all wishes regarding the perfect packaging solution for you. Just send us an mail to service@printmate.de.

What does "printing data deadline" and "delivery date" mean?

Delivery date: The day, your boxes will be delivered to you
Printing data deadline: The day, we need your order at the latest to guarantee the delivery date

As we are working with a batching system, we do collect all orders less than 2.000 pc. and produce them collective in a regular basis.
The actual dates for the printing data deadlines you can find on the particular productsites on our website. We need your order at the latest on this date to produce your boxes in the next batch.

If the next date is too short-termed for you, do not bother! The next deadline is already two weeks later, so you will not have to wait a long time for your boxes. In case you want to know the next deadlines, just send us an e-mail to service@printmate.de, and we will send you an overview about the next dates.

As our production plan is determined for weeks before and our machines are producing constantly, it is not possible to deliver earlier or to realize express orders for quantities under 2.000 pieces.

Individual quantities and sizes
None of the standard sizes does fit for me!

Don't worry! Starting with 2.000 pieces we do offer customized productions to realize the perfect packaging solution for you – just send us an e-mail with the required quantity and the dimensions to service@printmate.de or use our Inquiry-Page.

My required quantity is not available!

Our Standard boxes are available starting at 100 pieces, you can order them in 100er steps.
If you need more than 2.000 boxes please don't hesitate to send us a mail to service@printmate.de – we will send you an individual offer.

Print & Design
Is it possible to order the boxes without your branding?

Our "packaging produced by..."-branding is included into the printing template. It contains important technical information for the production line.
Right beside the branding there is also your order number, that helps us to achieve the optimal workflow. All the printed data is anonymous; you will never find any personal information on the boxes!
If you want to order your boxes without the printmate branding, just let us know in an e-mail to service@printmate.de – we will take care!

After your order
I've inserted wrong data with my order!

Don't worry! Just send us an e-mail to service@printmate.de and we will mend your data!

My order is incorrect!

You've accidentally ordered the wrong quantity or detected a mistake in the design? No problem, just send us as soon as possible a mail incl. your order number to service@printmate.de We’ll do our best to fix that! ;-)

You've received damaged goods? We are really sorry for that! In this case, please, contact Lina – she will contact you promptly!